I’ll Have the (V) Please

5 Veggie dishes at Sonny & Irene that’ll make your Day

Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner, you don’t have to be ‘a veggie’ to eat vegetarian. Meat-free Monday is a great excuse to switch that protein for one that’s plant-based  –  and you’re going to find you’ll be coming back Tuesday to Sunday for more!

Here are five of our favourites on the Sonny and Irene menu:

1. Berry Bircher

Whoever said healthy can’t be delicious? This breakfast melody of berries, vanilla, chocolate oat crumble, cocoa nib and frozen coconut makes an excellent case that it can. 

2. Sonny and Irene Buttermilk Hotcakes

For those who are looking to satisfy a sweet tooth – look no further than this warm breakfast classic with a twist of white chocolate crumble, syllabub and raspberry meringue. Oh, behave!

3. Avocado Vinaigrette 

A feast for the eyes… but just as good for heart and soul. Ash Belnori goat’s cheese, puffed sorghums and a delicate, green vinaigrette on top of a fresh, locally sourced avocado  –  the king of good fatty acids  –  ensure taste, health and beauty all come together in one dish. 

4. Truffle Risotto 

Comfort food at its best. Sourced local black truffle and lots and lots of parmesan make this risotto an explosion of flavour and pure indulgence. Yes, please. 

5. Eton Mess

Something sweet to finish off your meal? This beautifully textured coconut panna cotta with mango, meringue, shortbread and passionfruit sorbet brings contemporary flavour to this classic, nostalgic dessert in a way that’ll leave you completely satisfied after dinner.