Pairing is caring…Sonny and Irene cocktails meet your Dish

Sometimes you just want to drink cocktails.

But sometimes what you really want to do is pair your favourite cocktail with the perfect dish.

Our head mixologist Marshall “the alchemist”, is on hand to show you how with a few of his signature handcrafted cocktails.  

Aromatic Bellini with the Butter Poached Prawns

“This is the perfect lunchtime pair. The Bellini resets your palate with every sip, making each delicious bite of prawns as good as the first.”

Strawberry & Mint Spritz with the San Daniele Prosciutto

“Here, the hint of mint and slightly dry finish to the cocktail makes magic with the tropical sweet and sour flavours of the dish.”

Cucumber & Basil Martini with the Crusted Kingklip

“The Crusted Kingklip is a modern take on classic Cape Malay flavours, so you want a drink that allows its big flavours to take centre stage. The ever-so-refreshing and clean Basil and Cucumber Martini cocktail offers just that.”

Pomegranate Gin Sours with Crispy Artichoke

“This pairing is a game of textures that brings together the soft crunch of artichokes with the silky smooth texture of the Gin Sours for the perfect union of flavours.”

*The dishes in this blog are no longer available on the Sonn