Sonny and Irene’s perfect dessert conundrum

A choice that’s as timeless as it is important.

Choosing the right dessert is no small decision. 

For the sweet-toothed at the table, this is the definition of high stakes. The adrenaline rush that precedes the sugar rush. 

Follow the crowd and opt for the timeless Chocolate Molten Lava Cake? Or blaze your own trail and go all in on the Apple Crumble, stoically preparing to walk that fine line between ecstasy and regret?  

At Sonny and Irene we understand and appreciate this conundrum, so we’ve crafted a dessert menu that pays tribute to the classics, while still offering a little twist for the thrill-seekers in the house. 

An Eton Mess, but vegan? 

A banana split, but with chocolate brownie and crème diplomat? 

A Float… Margarita-style? 

Satisfying, exciting and always delicious. 

Check, check, check.